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Table 2 Educational Attainment and UCAT scores on entry to medical school

From: A comparison of undergraduate outcomes for students from gateway courses and standard entry medicine courses

MeanStd. DevNMeanStd. DevNMeanStd. DevNFP – Bonferroni
A level Total PointsTotal Score of all A-Levels taken, excluding General Studies.24.324.31949029.634.618297528.8774.93763465568.360.00
Z score in year of qualification for the 3 best A-levelsZ-score of the total score of the 3 best A levels within a HESA qualification year−0.8980.8854900.2310.797029700.07080.9013460821.50.00
UCAT TOTAL score 2384.8230.255402633.9217.236752601.9234.24215611.00.00
UCAT TOTAL Z-scoreZ-score using mean and SD from the admission year for all candidates− 0.2120.8375400.69160.78536650.57560.8484205612.30.00