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Table 1 Participant characteristics

From: Students with specific learning disabilities experiences of pre-registration physiotherapy education: a qualitative study

Participant numberFGGenderCourseYear of studySelf-identified disabilityPoint of diagnosis
F11FBSc3Dyslexic1st year
F21FBSc3DyslexicDuring previous degree
M11MBSc3Dyspraxic1st year
M21MBSc3ADHDDuring previous degree
M32MBSc2Dyslexia ADDDuring 1st degree
F32FMSc1DyslexiaHigh school
F43FBSc3Dyslexia1st year BSc
F53FBSc3Dyspraxia/nocturnal seizures1st year BSc
F63FBSc3Anxiety/Sensory defensiveness3rd year BSc
M43MMSc2DyslexiaDuring 1st degree
F73FMSc2Dyslexia/AnxietyDuring 1st degree
F84FBSc2DyslexiaSince school
F94FBSc2AnxietyAfter 1st degree
F104FBSc2Dyslexia1st year BSc
F114FBSc2Dyslexia/dyspraxiaDuring 1st degree