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Table 2 Differences in letters of recommendation written for the 254 male and 186 female applicants to the UCLA Stein Eye Institute Residency Training Program from the 2017–2018 application cycle

From: Gender-based differences in letters of recommendation written for ophthalmology residency applicants

LIWC Output VariableMale Applicants, Mean (SD)Female Applicants, Mean (SD)Difference in Means (95% CI)P Value
Authentic8.46 (7.53)7.66 (7.00)0.800 (0.001–1.590)0.047
Leisure0.48 (0.45)0.42 (0.43)0.056 (0.008–0.104)0.023
Feel0.28 (0.28)0.31 (0.30)0.033 (0.001–0.065)0.041
Biological Processes3.29 (1.21)3.45 (1.33)0.157 (0.017–0.297)0.028