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Table 1 Physician Ratings

From: Remote assessment via video evaluation (RAVVE): a pilot study to trial video-enabled peer feedback on clinical performance

 N ValidN MissingN “Unable to Assess”MeanStd. Error of MeanMedianS.D.MinimumMaximum
1. Communicates effectively with patients59004.560.0750.5735
2. Communicates effectively with patients’ families*590364.350.1240.5735
3. Within range of services provided by this physician, he/she demonstrates appropriate judgement59014.690.0750.5035
4. Selects diagnostic tests appropriately59094.460.094.50.6125
5. Critically assesses diagnostic information58134.580.0850.5735
6. Assesses and evaluates potential toxicity of therapeutics58174.550.0950.6135
7. Provides appropriate monitoring of therapeutics58154.580.0850.5735
8. Assesses burden of inflammatory diseases59054.500.0750.5435
9. Selects the appropriate treatment59004.590.0750.5635
10. Maintains quality medical records58134.400.1050.7125
11. Recognizes psychosocial aspects of illness57294.350.114.50.7335
12. Manages patients with complex psychosocial problems*590314.210.1340.6935
13. Addresses comorbidities58184.400.104.50.6735
14. Addresses non-pharmacological therapies (exercise, weight management, smoking cessation)57284.350.1040.6635
15. Shows compassion for patients and families58174.550.0950.6135
16. Respects the rights of patients572114.460.0950.6235
17. Manages healthcare resources efficiently59084.240.1240.8625