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Table 2 Assessment of teaching competency before and after participation in a series of faculty development programmes provided by the Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan, 2017–2018

From: Impact of faculty development programme on self-efficacy, competency and attitude towards medical education in Bhutan: a mixed-methods study

 Before FDPsAfter FDPsChi-square p-value
Not competentCompetentNot competentCompetent
Communicating effectively with students’ level of knowledge0(0)18(100)2(11)16(89)
Communicating effectively to bring about behavioural or attitudinal change5(28)13(72)2(11)16(89)0.352
Connecting students’ prior knowledge to the learning goals3(17)15(83)1(6)17(94)0.645
Engaging students in problem solving and critical thinking5(29)12(71)1(6)17(94)0.331
Promoting self-directed reflective learning5(29)12(71)2(11)16(89)0.331
Creating physical environment that engages the students7(41)10(59)1(6)17(94)0.388
Promoting individual as well as group responsibility2(11)16(89)1(6)17(94)0.716
I have adequate subject knowledge0(0)18(100)2(11)16(89)
Organising teaching lessons in a sequence that supports students’ understanding of the subject matter5(28)13(72)1(6)17(94)0.523
Use resources, materials and technologies to make subject matter more accessible8(44)10(56)2(11)16(89)0.094
Planning lessons or modifying my instructional plans depending on students’ learning needs11(61)7(39)1(6)17(94)0.412
Designing short-term and long-term learning goals to foster students’ learning8(44)10(56)1(6)17(94)0.357
Establishing and communicating learning goals to my students4(24)13(76)0(0)18(100)
Collecting multiple sources of information to assess students’ learning8(44)10(56)2(11)16(89)0.094
Involving students to assess their own learning9(50)9(50)1(6)17(94)0.303
Communicating with students on their progress of learning3(18)14(82)2(11)16(89)0.486
Reflecting on teaching practice and planning professional development9(50)9(50)1(6)17(94)0.303
Establishing professional goals and pursuing opportunities to learn more on medical education8(44)10(56)2(11)16(89)0.867
Working with colleagues to improve teaching practices4(22)14(78)3(17)15(83)0.612
Balancing teaching responsibilities and maintaining motivation9(50)9(50)2(11)16(89)1.000