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Table 1 Learning Performance according to type of items and study conditions

From: Active learning through discussion: ICAP framework for education in health professions

Type of itemsLQ (n = 21)SQ (n = 32)LS (n = 29)SS (n = 26)
Total score (25 points)13.14 (3.61)17.19 (3.75)12.52 (2.79)15.82 (3.56)
Rote memory (10 points)7.33 (1.53)8.47 (1.52)7.38 (1.50)8.70 (1.26)
Transfer (15 points)5.81 (2.66)8.72 (3.11)5.14 (1.98)7.12 (2.96)
ANOVA resultsFP-valueη2p 
Types of items (A)10.471< 0.0010.112 
Study condition (B)11.168< 0.0010.247 
Interaction term (A × B)7.022< 0.0010.171 
  1. Data are shown as mean (standard deviation). LQ Lecture and question, SQ Self-study and question, LS Lecture and summary, and SS Self-study and summary. For each LQ, SQ, LS, and SS group, total scores, rote-memory type item scores, and transfer type item scores are given. Gender and age were adjusted