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Table 2 Summary of PEC findings on inpatient and outpatient rotations at the VA (year 1)

From: A novel approach to the program evaluation committee

RotationPositive featuresSuggestions for change
Inpatient wards• High-yield teaching and rounds
• Interesting patient population
• Good autonomy
• Standardize transition of patients from the emergency department to the floor
• Optimize the high workload of admitting days
• Optimize ways to update nurses on rounds
MICU• One-on-one educational experience
• Intimate collaboration with colleagues
• Optimize flow process for nighttime radiology
• Address conflicts of understanding regarding VA policy
Medicine consults• Good resident autonomy
• Good variety of cases
• Appropriate patient volume
• Opportunity for residents to learn how to be a consultant
• Make curriculum widely available
• Increase teaching experiences
Firm A and B clinics• Excellent precepting by attendings
• High quality of care with enjoyable patient population
• Clarify expectations
• Involve residents more meaningfully in teamwork
Women’s clinic• Outstanding attendings
• Good exposure to women’s health
• Balanced workload
• Excellent half-day teaching session
• Improve formal curriculum
Center of Excellence• Favorable team structure
• Good mix of didactics and patient care
• Optimize patient workflow
• Increase opportunities for procedures