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Table 1 The AaLplus curriculum in the first and second years of medical study

From: Peers as OSCE assessors for junior medical students – a review of routine use: a mixed methods study

Basis skills
SemesterHistory takingPhysical examinationPractical skillsProblem-oriented learning
1Introduction to physician/patient communicationIntroduction to physical examination, Examination of the musculoskeletal systemHand disinfection, Venepuncture1: History taking
2Introduction to AnamnesisExamination of the thorax and abdomenVoluntary training in venepuncture 
3Seven dimensions of a symptomNeurological examination-2: Literature searches, 3/4: situations in general practice
4History takingExamination of the thyroid, pulse and lymphatic system, Refresher: physical examination from head to toeFormative OSCE