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Table 6 Faculty development program

From: Mento’s change model in teaching competency-based medical education

Stage 1: A pre-recorded nano-lecture on flipped-method of teaching will be circulated among the stakeholders one-week prior to the faculty development program, using a WhatsApp group already in place. A nano-lecture is a 2 to 5 min lecture that is far shorter than and focuses on the key aspect of a specific topic. The video that we will use in this project (along with other videos) can be accessed in the Supplementary information.
Stage 2: Four days prior to the faculty development program a message will be sent to the stakeholders to record a short-video in style of a nano-lecture (based on what they learnt in Stage 1), which they may use for teaching. The stakeholders need to submit this video three hours prior to the commencement of the faculty development program.
Stage 3: All submitted videos will be posted on Padlet (, which is a mobile application to create an online bulletin board, three hours prior to the faculty development program.
Stage 4: Faculty development program of 60-min duration. The following outline will be followed:
 ➢ Homework assessment – Viewing of the posted videos in Padlet.
 ➢ Review of submitted video – evaluation, feedback, and voting for “MBRU Oscar for best video”
 ➢ Discussion of implications of flipped-method of teaching on providing for in-class application of knowledge
 ➢ Discussion of flipped method of teaching approach focusing on advantages/disadvantages
 ➢ Case discussion: Critical appraisal of the study by Lichvar et al (Lichvar, Hedges, Benedict, & Donihi, 2016)
 ➢ Individual reflection regarding potential use of flipped-classroom pedagogy
 ➢ Small- and large-group discussion
 ➢ Evaluation of faculty development program