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Fig. 2

From: Medical education trends for future physicians in the era of advanced technology and artificial intelligence: an integrative review

Fig. 2

Trends at the heart of medical education for future physicians in advanced technology and artificial intelligence. As the heart serves as a pump to supply blood to our bodies, medical schools are the heart of medical education and provide competent physicians to our communities. When potential students are admitted to a medical school, the school cultivates in them a humanistic approach to patient safety. To encourage humanistic doctors and facilitate their collaboration with other professionals, students are exposed to early clinical experiences and the longitudinal integration of medical education in the school curricula. Beyond the general hospital affiliated to the school, the students inhale fresh air in the society so that they are well equipped to respond to the needs of changing communities and respect diverse patients. After students are developed in the powerful ventricle, which is a school armed with advanced technology, they can take a leap into the future society

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