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Fig. 1

From: Implementing a clinical-educator curriculum to enrich internal medicine residents’ teaching capacity

Fig. 1

CET group: Visual showing interrelationship of codes from pre- and post- clinical-educator rotation assessments: a: pre-clinical educator rotation, b: post-clinical educator rotation. Each colored circle represents a code. Distances between the codes identifies codes that are mentioned together (overlap) in text segments; grouped by color. Connecting lines between the codes and their width reveals the frequency of co-occurrence of codes (for example: a thick line means that the connecting two codes were mentioned together frequently and often). Comparison of graphs in a & b shows evolution of CETs interpretation of clinical teaching before and after completion of the rotation. In graphic a, Reflective Practice and Mentoring are the primary co-occurring codes whereas in graphic b, co-occurring codes have significantly increased in number and interactivity

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