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Table 1 Quantitative results of the questionnaire

From: Evaluation of the undergraduate family medicine programme of Faculty of Medicine, University of Kelaniya: quantitative and qualitative student feedback

 DisagreeNot sureAgreeNo
1.I had a clear idea of the learning outcomes for this appointment
2.I gained an adequate understanding of the following concepts of family medicine 
a) First contact care1%2%96%1%
b) Personalised care1%2%96%1%
c) Prevention and health promotion1%4%94%1%
d) Comprehensive care1%4%93%2%
e) Coordination of care1%7%90%2%
f) Continuity of care1%3%93%3%
3.I acquired a basic knowledge of common illnesses seen in family practice and their management
4. During this appointment I had the opportunity to develop the following skills 
a) Communication1%5%94%0%
b) History taking2%3%94%1%
c) Clinical examination15%38%47%0%
d) Problem solving/analytic3%24%73%0%
e) Presentation (histories/seminars/debate)2%5%92%1%
5.I gained an understanding of the organisational aspects of a general practice: office layout, appointment system etc.
6.During the appointment the following teaching methods facilitated my learning
a) Small group discussions16%21%60%3%
b) Learning from patients1%3%93%3%
c) Direct observation and feedback from teachers2%5%89%4%
d) Seminar1%20%77%2%
e) Debate2%8%89%1%
f) Preparation and presentation of the group topic5%18%73%4%