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Table 4 Factors that positively altered the students’ perceptions of general practice

From: Student nurses’ career intentions following placements in general practice through the advanced training practices scheme (ATPS): findings from an online survey

GP Placement studentsN (%)
If you answered ‘yes’ (positively) to the question in Table 3, what altered your views in a positive way? 
 The working environment (top 5 answers):
  • Regular working hours67 (74.4)
  • Being part of a friendly, welcoming team66 (73.3)
  • ‘Family-friendly’ environment66 (73.3)
  • Learning about the role(s) of other professions (e.g. GP)60 (66.7)
  • Working collaboratively within a friendly team55 (61.1)
 The GPN role (top 5 answers):
  • A better understanding of the general practice nurse (GPN) role74 (82.2)
  • Long term conditions management67 (74.4)
  • Seeing the GPN working autonomously59 (65.6)
  • Having control over your own workload58 (64.4)
  • Having time for 1:1 patient care62 (68.9)
 The overall student experience ‘package’ (top 5 answers):
  • 1:1 time with mentor69 (76.7)
  • Good variety of patients68 (75.6)
  • Improving technical skills66 (73.3)
  • Good variety of skills opportunities62 (68.9)
  • Improving non-technical skills62 (68.9)