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Table 2 OSCE station tasks in the post-assessment

From: Preparing competent graduates for delivering pharmaceutical care: an experience from Northern Cyprus

StationDescription of Task
1Clinical prescription management for a patient with multiple chronic diseases and manipulation of drug information requests.
2CVD risk assessment and medical information provision
3Inspecting adverse reaction to a antihypertensive medication
4Systematic approach to patient medication history and symptoms of anticoagulant drug toxicity
5Counselling a COPD patient on hand ihaler inhalation techniques and general health measures
6Counselling on insulin regimen for a type 1 DM patient and patient education on DM
7Clinical prescription management for a patient on levothyroxine with multiple chronic diseases
8Education of a T2DM patient and assessment for therapeutic goals and outcomes
9Counselling an asthmatic patient on dry powder inhaler (PDI) inhalation techniques
10Systematic approach to patient medication history and symptoms for a pediatric patient with upper respiratory tract infections (URTI)
11Inspecting DRP in a geriatric patient with isosorbide dinitrate ISDN prescription and multiple morbidities with polypharmacy
12Optimizing therapy for a T2DM patient and managing complications