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Table 1 OSCE station tasks in the pre-assessment

From: Preparing competent graduates for delivering pharmaceutical care: an experience from Northern Cyprus

StationDescription of Task
1Clinical prescription management in pregnancy
2Systematic approach to patient medication history and symptoms of drug toxicity in pregnancy
3Inspecting an adverse reaction to antihypertensive medication
4CVD risk assessment and providing medical information
5Systematic approach to patient medication history and symptoms for a pediatric patient with URTI
6Compliance to an MDI drug regimen for a pediatric asthmatic patient
7Pain assessment and management in geriatric patients
8Clinical prescription management in a patient on levothyroxine with multiple chronic diseases
9Inspecting DRP in a pregnant woman on antihypertensive medications
10Educating a hypertensive patient on misconceptions about his medication
11Counselling an asthmatic patient on PDI inhalation techniques
12Managing the drug related problems of a sinusitis patient on decongestants who developed rhinitis medicamentosa.