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Table 2 difference in mean SPEED domain grades between leaving and current residents, compared between small (< 5) and large departments (> 5 residents)

From: Reliability of residents’ assessments of their postgraduate medical education learning environment: an observational study

SPEED domainDepartments with < 5 residents (n = 23)Department with > 5 residents (n = 16)P*95% CI for difference
 Mean differenceSDMean differenceSD  
Content−0.020.520.130.450.366−0.18 to 0.46
Atmosphere0.030.710.150.480.532−0.28 to 0.54
Organization−0.210.680.510.640.0020.28 to 1.16
Overall score−0.060.510.270.350.0330.03 to 0.63
  1. * independent samples t-test