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Table 6 Study Skills Inventory (SSI)

From: The relationship between study skills and depressive symptoms among medical residents

  Reading text Always Usually Rarely Never
1. I try to organize facts in a systematic way.     
2. I look for the main ideas as I read.     
3. I take notes as I read my textbooks.     
4. When reading, I highlight important passages.     
  Concentration and memory Always Usually Rarely Never
5. I study even when less important things distract me     
6. I give full attention to the tasks.     
7. I keep up with assignments, readings and tests preparations, avoiding any delays     
8. I keep study time a priority, saying “no” to social demands and extracurricular events     
9. I avoid activities, which tend to interfere with my planned schedule.     
  Time management Always Usually Rarely Never
10. At the beginning of the term, I make up my activity and study schedules     
11. I break assignments into manageable parts.     
12. I use a “to do” list to keep track of the tasks.     
13. I plan my day by deciding what is important to do     
14. I outline specific goals for my study time.     
  Emotional management Always Usually Rarely Never
15. I plan regular times for fun.     
16. I take relaxation or rest time when under stress.     
17. I regularly try to motivate myself to keep up with the planned schedule     
18. I try to get rid of negative thoughts and worrying while studying     
  Other learning practices Always Usually Rarely Never
19. When I do not understand something, I get help from classmates     
20. I participate in class discussions.     
21. I volunteer answers to questions posed by instructors in the class.     
22. I see learning as something I will be doing all throughout my life.     
23. I ask the instructor questions when clarification is needed.