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Table 1 Agents within the Ecosystem that Influence Program Director Leadership Program directors interact with multiple agents within the ecosystem. Their bidirectional influences are governed by various structures that guide such interactions. Some are formally articulated while others are largely absent

From: The ecology of program director leadership: power relationships and characteristics of effective program directors

 PD ResponsibilitiesGuiding Interactions
Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical EducationExecute minimum program requirements stipulated by the ACGMEACGME Common Program Requirements
Medical Education CommunityContribute to the medical education community through scholarly work and researchACGME Common Program Requirements
Society-at-LargeTake responsibility for the proper training of providers in the communityNone
Institutional GMECoordinate with local educational officers to implement local policiesLocal institutional policies
Internal Medicine FacultyArbitrate conflict, distribute resources, and negotiate power relationships with facultyNone
Hospital AdministrationUphold productivity and contribute to financial viability of hospitalInstitutional contracts
Current Resident PhysiciansRole model professionalism, engage in teaching activities, and promote well-being of residentsACGME Common Program Requirements
Residency ApplicantsUphold fairness in the application processNational Residency Match Program (NRMP)
Resident AlumniPromote and advocate for resident alumni interestsNone