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Table 7 Students’ perceived effectiveness of PBL

From: Facilitating learning of community-based rehabilitation through problem-based learning in higher education

 Mean scoreStandard deviation
CBR competence
 Understanding the needs of service users3.300.51
 Comprehending CBR theories and concepts3.360.57
 Management practical strategies3.170.60
Group work effectiveness
 Satisfaction with group performance3.300.62
 Positive atmosphere and teamwork3.510.55
Teaching and learning
 Facilitating Interaction and exchange3.280.54
 Addressing students’ need3.150.55
 Achieved learning effectiveness3.230.56
 Critical thinking3.340.52
 Enhanced organization of content3.210.59
 Enhanced feedback3.230.63
 Achieved learning outcomes3.280.50
 Enhanced knowledge and skills acquisition3.290.58
  1. No. of participants = 113
  2. The highest score for each items is 4
  3. 4 = strongly agree
  4. 3 = agree
  5. 2 = disagree
  6. 1 = strongly disagree