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Table 5 Content analysis of focus group interview

From: Facilitating learning of community-based rehabilitation through problem-based learning in higher education

The use of e-portfolio
1. Creative and attractiveUse of multi-media.
Use of derivative work.
Colourful presentation.
Use of animation.
Interesting and fun.
With end product that brings high sense of satisfaction.
2. Integrative and comprehensiveDifferent perspective.
A mind-mapping process.
Complete tracking of the learning process.
High demand on the ability to conceptualize issues.
Thorough examination of problems.
3. Practical constraintsTime-consuming.
Technical issues.
Web-based communication platform.
PBL as compared with traditional mode of teaching and learning
1. ImpressiveContext specific
First-person sharing.
Knowledge retained better.
Application of knowledge.
Active seeking of information.
In-depth learning.
Able to visualize the problems and constraints in real world.
Consolidation of learning through different stages
2. Enhanced social participationFun and interesting.
Collective learning.
Interactive and enhanced imagination
Foster good memories.
With frequent interaction
Enhanced teamwork and presentation skills
3. CriticalTaking different perspective
No model answer
Difficult to get the right focus
Confront with the real problems
Inspired with newly generated ideas
4. Realistic and practicalOutreached to the community.
Site visits.
Simulated activities in the real context.
Experiential learning.
Focus on real life application.