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Table 2 Learners knowledge of peer evaluation principles before the training and opinions about resources and course activities

From: Contributions of a blended learning based on peer evaluation for teaching drug-drug interactions to undergraduate pharmacy students

Items of the questionnaireStudents (94.4% feedbacks, n = 68 under 72)
Principles of peer evaluation (PE)
Students who …
knew the general principles20.6% (n = 14)
knew principles applied to pedagogy13.2% (n = 9)
had pedagogical experience1.5% (n = 1)
Learning resources and course activities
Students who …
struggled with IT tools16.2% (n = 11)
found instructors explanations prior to the course not clear enough0% (n = 0)
found the period of time to produce the work too short1.5% (n = 1)
found reviewing work to be constraining22.1% (n = 15)
found the period of time to review peers works too short2.9% (n = 2)
found the number of works to review too important10.3% (n = 7)
found the scoring grid not well adapted19.1% (n = 13)