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Table 1 Study population and design

From: Contributions of a blended learning based on peer evaluation for teaching drug-drug interactions to undergraduate pharmacy students

Study populationUndergraduate, third-year pharmacy students (n = 72)
Study designInformation meetingExplanation of the objectives and different activities proposed in this module
Theoretical lecturesOnline or in-person
Distance working• Moodle® platform (2.9 version) for access to lectures, pedagogical external links, a discussion forum and timetables.
• Blind inclusion of learners in groups of 4 students (Excel random function).
• Assignment to each group of different clinical cases for analysis during 6 days.
• Individual submission of a structured report addressing the case following a precise plan and instructions given by teachers.
• Blind peer evaluation of three different submissions from the one previously assigned to each reviewer with a deadline of 6 days
Classroom-based activityStudents are divided into their respective groups for classroom work and discussion in order to improve their work collectively under the supervision and guidance of teachers.
Oral group presentation in front of all the students
Evaluation of the benefits of the pedagogical approachAnalysis of student perceptions via an online survey using Google Forms® platform.
Final written examination for quantitative evaluation on knowledge acquisition