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Table 5 Scores for the factors on the basis of the knowledge of the code of academic ethics

From: The impact of gender and academic achievement on the violation of academic integrity for medical faculty students, a descriptive cross-sectional survey study

 Read the code of academic ethics
No (n = 231)Yes (n = 28)P
ScaleScore (SD)Score (SD) 
 Tendency towards academic dishonesty2.14 (0.62)2.26 (0.60)0.352
 Tendency towards cheating2.04 (0.90)2.24 (1.12)0.282
 Dishonesty in works such as assignments and projects2.29 (0.70)2.29 (0.72)0.993
 Research and reporting process dishonesty2.23 (0.71)2.46 (0.66)0.092
 Tendency towards citation dishonesty2.01 (0.68)2.11 (0.689)0.486
  1. SD standard deviation