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Table 6 Results of multivariate analysis for factors significantly associated with a high level of knowledge regarding CRC risk factors and screening among medical students (N = 581)

From: Knowledge, attitude, and perceived barriers regarding colorectal cancer screening practices and risk factors among medical students in Saudi Arabia

VariableOR95% CIP-Value
Education year
 4th (Ref)*1.00  
 5th2.971.90–4.65< 0.001
 6th3.232.01–5.18< 0.001
Attitude towards CRC **
 Poor (Ref)1.00 < 0.001
Reported barriers
 Patient does not perceive CRC** as a serious health threat0.740.58–0.940.016
 Patient does not show any symptoms of a health problem0.710.55–0.910.008
 Patient lack of knowledge about CRC**0.530.40–0.71< 0.001
 Shortage of trained providers to conduct follow-up with invasive endoscopic procedures0.580.44–0.78< 0.001
  1. *Ref Reference category, **CRC Colorectal Cancer