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Table 2 Contrasting Roles for Near-Peer Mentors and Faculty Advisors in Prematriculation Program

From: Alignment of roles of near-peer mentors for medical students underrepresented in medicine with medical education competencies: a qualitative study

 Near-peer mentorFaculty advisor
FocusSocialization into medical school. Led discussions with the learners to transmit information based on own recent experience and provide emotional supportTaught specific sessions during the course and played organizational and evaluative role
ExpertIn experience and expectations of a first year medical studentIn disciplines and medical education
Types of interactionsRepeated informal interchanges including beyond program to discuss study strategies and activities outside of schoolConducted course sessions with targeted learning objectives and activities
Illustrative Quote“Helps the students along and makes them feel supported, like they can contact me anytime if they need anything” (NPM 4)“Some of the faculty were like PhDs or have never gone to medical school, or they went to medical school but it was like 20 or 30 years ago.” (NPM 4)