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Table 1 List of online activities under core concepts, podcasts and antibiotics

From: Can e-learning improve the performance of undergraduate medical students in Clinical Microbiology examinations?

Activity Title
Core Concepts
 Classification of microorganisms
 Bacterial morphology & cell structure
 Bacterial growth & physiology
 Pathogenesis of bacterial infections
 Introduction to virology
 Introduction to mycology
 Appropriate use of the microbiology diagnostic laboratory
 Introduction to healthcare-associated infections
 Introduction to opportunistic infections
Podcasts & MCQ quizzes
 Bacterial genetics
 Healthcare-associated infections
 Pathogenesis of viral infections
 Measles virus
 Cell wall active antibiotics: penicillins & cephalosporins
 The aminoglycosides, quinolones and macrolides
 Classification of antibiotics
 Antibiotic stewardship
 Mode of action of antibiotics
 Important antibiotic resistant microorganisms
 Mechanisms of antibiotic resistance
 Adverse effects of antibiotics