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Table 4 Odds ratios for selection of statistical learning needs response option which includes practice according to employment category

From: Medical graduate views on statistical learning needs for clinical practice: a comprehensive survey

Employment CategoryOdds ratio95% CIp-value
Academic Teaching0.79(0.15, 4.13)0.777
Academic Research4.01(0.49, 32.64)0.194
Clinical Practice & Academic Teaching*1.91(1.04, 3.49)0.036*
Clinical Practice & Academic Research*3.85(1.77, 12.62)0.026*
Academic Teaching & Academic Research*6.64(1.46, 30.13)0.014*
Clinical Practice, Academic Teaching & Academic Research**2.84(1.70, 4.74)0.000**
Clinical Practice (reference category)
  1. Note. p-values are rounded to 3 decimal places. ‘*’ denotes ‘p < 0.05’ and ‘**’ denotes ‘p < 0.0005’