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Table 1 Dependent Variables Examined Using Linguistic Inquiry Word Count (LIWC) [39]

From: Linguistic analysis of pediatric residency personal statements: gender differences

Category Example LIWC dictionary words
Agentic Language
LIWC dictionary
  Reward Fulfill, benefit, opportunity
  Risk Danger, doubt
  Power Superior, bully
  Achievement Success, better
  Insight Think, know
  Certainty Always, never
Madera et al dictionary (manually added) Assertive, confident, ambitious, aggressive, dominant, forceful, independent, daring, outspoken, intellectual, earn, gain, do
Communal language
LIWC dictionary
  Social affiliation Family, friend, children
  Family Daughter, father, brother
  Friends Friend, neighbor
  Male references Boy, his, dad
  Female references Girl, her, mom
  Tentativeness Perhaps, maybe
Madera et al. dictionary (manually added) Affectionate, nurturing, helpful, kind, sympathetic, sensitive, agreeable, tactful, interpersonal, warm, caring, tactful, husband, wife, babies, kids, colleagues, they, him, her