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Table 6 Mean scores per CanMEDS role for interns and supervisors: comparisons and correlations

From: Intern preparedness for the CanMEDS roles and the Dunning-Kruger effect: a survey

RoleMean scoresCorrelation
Interns (I)Supervisors (S)Difference:
Spearman ρP
1. Medical expert3.800.983.520.880.280.9240.00013
2. Communicator3.600.983.330.760.270.7070.050
3. Collaborator3.910.923.640.810.270.8530.031
4. Leader3.330.983.190.820.1001
5. Health advocate3.630.773.370.840.250.0210.74
6. Scholar3.780.943.360.850.42−0.2000.80
7. Professional3.−0.180.6430.12
All 7 roles3.601.023.410.850.200.6840.0000