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Table 3 Participants’ responses regarding their perceptions of their experiences that related to ‘Affective support’

From: A longitudinal faculty development program: supporting a culture of teaching

Affective support Affective support is provided by a warm and inclusive learning environment
 Participants appreciated the networking opportunities.
 However, they indicated that although they would like to continue teaching, their movement around different clinical schools and hospitals may make it difficult to stay engaged as alumni.
“Sense of community and mentorship., including the basic principles of TBL, and teaching and was taught, lectures, exposure to TBL”.
“opportunity to work with fellow doctors”
“I enjoyed the teaching and networking opportunities. I would like to stay involved in the program in 2019 but will largely be based in a different hospital network”.
Opportunity to interact with students
 Participants welcomed the chance to interact with students, and learn from teaching students.
“I enjoyed the teaching experience and interactions with students. I learnt far more than I contributed”.
“Opportunity to teach medical student and interactions with them”.
Training and professional development events
 Participants valued meeting fellow CTF’s at training evenings.
 CTFs found it motivating to meet others who were enthusiastic about teaching
“I think there’s a real value to being here in person as well because that’s where you meet everyone, and get to have conversations with people”.
“Seeing that there’s people out there who are passionate about teaching is always useful and where n you’re amongst such a bunch of people that’s encouraging”.
Larger network needed/work commitments/Difficult getting to TBLs
 A larger support network is needed to work across hospital sites and engage Fellows in teaching activities that fit within their work environment
“The thing I found tricky was having the opportunity to attend TBLs, I had exam preparation for basic physicians exams. I often had critically unwell patients in the mornings, and there was no cover, that was tricker than I anticipated. Also, I was rotated out to a country rotation. It would be good if there is some way to organise tutorials to do with students when their rural settings …. and you could bring those experiences back”.
“It has to be done around clinical service … there needs to be a formal way of covering for people who are attending TBLs because otherwise it’s impossible to negotiate”.
“It can be quite challenging to attend the whole TBL session as a ward registrar. Would it be feasible to have the option to attend half of the session, and assist in TBL development in other ways?”
“It would be very useful if this is built into basic physician contracts... and say “well, actually I’m doing a teaching role so this many hours of the week needs to be dedicated to this”.