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Table 2 Factor analysisa of determinants of specialty preference in senior medical students at UNAM Faculty of Medicine in Mexico City (n = 697). The last column shows the mean importance of the item (0 = not determinant; 3 = most determinant)

From: Specialty choice determinants among Mexican medical students: a cross-sectional study

ItemPersonal values during undergraduate training (F1)Career needs to be satisfied (F2)Perception of the specialty characteristics (F3)Mean importance
Interest in the specialty patient type0.772.3
Variety of medical problems in the specialty0.742.2
Work to do during the specialty0.692.4
Specialty social engagement0.602.0
Possibility of studying a subspecialty0.502.1
Opportunities to perform research0.401.6
Specialty duration0.771.7
The expectation of free time0.761.8
Possibility of raising a family0.721.8
Potential autonomy after graduation0.582.0
Financial reasons0.441.4
Family support during the specialty0.411.8
Role models0.681.5
Pleasant academic experience in the specialty0.632.2
Medical internship with pleasant experiences in the specialty0.622.1
Specialty prestige0.571.4
To have skills related to the specialty0.422.2
Variance explained24.0%12.4%8.3%
Cumulative variance explained24.0%36.4%47.7%
  1. aExtraction method: principal components. Rotation method: Kaiser varimax normalization. Factor loading considered ≥0.4