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Table 1 Content of the standardized introduction

From: Evaluation of a bronchoscopy guidance system for bronchoscopy training, a randomized controlled trial

Theoretical backgrounda. Lobes and segmental lung anatomy
b. Definition of systemic bronchoscopy
Correct handling of the bronchoscopea. Insertion of the bronchoscope via mouth vs. nostril
b. Keep the bronchoscope’ fibres stretched
c. Control via lever for flexing and extending the distal tip
d. Wrist rotation around the bronchoscope’s axis
e. Moving forward under vision only
f. Central position of bronchoscope for optimal vision and to avoid (wall) trauma
g. Maintain spatial orientation (ventral vs dorsal, left vs right)
Taska. Performance of a systematic bronchoscopy
b. Exploration and examination of all five bronchial lobes
c. Duration: 10 min