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Table 1 Factors facilitating the implementation of change

From: How clinical teaching teams deal with educational change: ‘we just do it’

Factors Quote
Shared commitment Clinical staff member, interview 9: ‘The intrinsic motivation within our group to provide specialty training is the most important motive for us to implement the necessary changes.’
Reinvention Program director, interview 3: ‘You try to stay ahead of the crowd. […] You want to help to shape the innovation, I want to be innovative here. […] Otherwise you can only do what others have thought out for you.’
Ownership Program director, interview 2: ‘When we initiate change, yes, then you need to make enough time available, […]. But above all, you need to have the willingness to make enough time available.’
Supportive structure Clinical staff member, interview 18: ‘Educational support is crucial I think because you quickly have the tendency to interpret the intended change on your own. […] It is very useful to have the reflection of an educationalist as well.’
Open culture Trainee, interview 19: ‘I think that you can talk to anybody about anything here. Ideas are always welcome, […], and listened to.’