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Table 1 Types of third-year project taken by the students in the years 2015–2016, and 2016–2017

From: OncoSim and OncoWiki: an authentic learning approach to teaching cancer genomics

 ‘Wet-lab’ Projecta‘Whole-body’ Research ProjectbComputational ProjectcCritical Review ProjectdSurvey Projecte
Number of students (n = 256)12557282323
  1. Footnotes
  2. aLaboratory bench work; molecular/cell-culture etc.
  3. bProject centred on taking measurements from volunteers
  4. cInvolving computer analysis of biomedical data such as DNA and/or protein sequences. This category includes the OncoSim option
  5. dHypothesis-driven critical review/meta-analysis of the literature in a specific area within the biosciences
  6. eA survey into some aspect of public health / biomedical sciences to gather information about people’s attitudes and understanding