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Table 2 CVI and CVR for each question of BCSQ-12-SS

From: Burn out among Iranian dental students: psychometric properties of burnout clinical subtype questionnaire (BCSQ-12-SS) and its correlates

Question CVI CVR
1. I think I invest more than is healthy in my commitment to my studies 0.85 0.80
2. I neglect my personal life due to pursuing great objectives in studying 0.80 0.90
3. I am endangering my health in pursuing good results in my studies 0.85 0.95
4. I ignore my own needs to satisfy the requirements of my studies 0.90 0.90
5. I would like to study something else that would be more challenging to my abilities 0.95 0.85
6. I feel that my current studies are hampering the development of my abilities 0.85 0.85
7. I would like to study something else in which I could better develop my talent 0.85 0.80
8. My studies do not provide me with opportunities to develop my abilities 0.85 0.80
9. When the results of my studies are not good at all, I stop making an effort 0.80 0.85
10. I give up in response to an obstacle in my studies 0.90 0.90
11. I give up when faced with any difficulty in my tasks as a student 0.85 0.85
12. When the effort invested in studying is not enough, I give up 0.80 0.90