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Table 2 Example of three versions of a clinical case

From: Do poor patients suffer from inaccurate diagnoses more than well-to-do patients? A randomized control trial

Rich version Poor version Neutral version
The first patient of the day is a 74-year-old businessman. He is married and lives in the Al Shati locality in Jeddah. You noticed him even before he entered your office because of his luxurious car that you have seen through the window of the clinic. The first patient of the day is a 74-year-old unemployed man. He is married and lives in Al Kirinteana Locality in Jeddah. You notice the bad smell that comes from his dirty clothes when he enters your office. The first patient of the day is a 74-year old man.
  He has had complaints of slight pain in the epigastric area, anorexia and progressive weight loss in the past 4 months. He started to get fatigued easily and to have dizziness when walking, over the past 2 days. He refers occasional dark stools. The patient is a smoker. He refers chronic use of NSAID for osteoarthritis of the knees. Family history: father had a gastric ulcer.
Physical examination:
Patient considerably emaciated. Bp 135/80 mmHg; Pulse 88/ min.; Respiration 24/ min.; Temp 37.4 degrees of C.
Heart: no abnormalities. Lungs: no abnormalities. Abdomen: slight pain on palpation in the epigastric area.
Lab tests:
Hb: 8.4; Ht: 20.9%