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Table 1 Diseases involved in the study; descriptions of rich and poor patients

From: Do poor patients suffer from inaccurate diagnoses more than well-to-do patients? A randomized control trial

Cases Rich version Poor version
Stomach Cancer The first patient of the day is a 74-year-old businessman. He is married and lives in the Al Shati locality in Jeddah. You noticed him even before he entered your office because of his luxurious car that you have seen through the window of the clinic. The first patient of the day is a 74-year-old unemployed man. He is married and lives in Al Kirinteana Locality in Jeddah. You notice the bad smell that comes from his dirty clothes when he enters your office.
Vitamin B12 deficiency A 62-year-old man who is a Minister and an owner of a big mall accompanied by two security guards comes to your clinic A 62-year-old man who lives in the Gholail locality in Jeddah, working as a school guard, living in a two-bedroom house with his wife and 10 children between ages 5 and 21
Pulmonary thromboembolism A 31-year-old lady, the second wife of the owner of the largest company in Jeddah. She is well-dressed, wearing a pure golden watch A 31-year-old divorced lady living with her large family in Inaikish locality. The family includes six single sisters, two unemployed brothers, her retired father and blind mother.
Celiac disease A 29-year-old woman, the chair of the association of women in business A 29-year-old lady lives in the Lilosix area in Jeddah, works as a housemaid, and is poorly dressed
Acute viral pericarditis A 78-year-old man who owns a five-star hotel in Mecca, lives in a palace located in Al Basatean locality in Jeddah with his four wives A 78-year-old homeless man, whom you observed several times begging at the busiest traffic light on the way to your hospital,
Acute myeloid leukemia A 29-year-old engineer who owned the largest construction company in the city, wearing a bisht A 29-year-old driver, a father of six children, living in the Al Sabeel area in Jeddah.
Acute bacterial endocarditis You have been called by the director of the hospital to take extra care of a 27-year-old businessman, well-known in town A 27-year-old man working as a cleaner and living with his large family in Inaikish, one of the poorest areas of Jeddah
Sarcoidosis A 25-year-old man, the eldest son of the owner of a large profitable communication company, A 25-year-old man, unemployed and homeless, originating from Al Khumra area in Jeddah
Acute appendicitis A 23-year-old female, the daughter of the Secretary General of Jeddah municipality, accompanied by two housemaids and a driver in addition to her mother A 23-year-old female, the daughter of a school guard, who came walking all the way to the hospital
Community-acquired pneumonia The patient is an obese 56-year-old woman, mother of multiple children, married to a renowned businessman in Jeddah The patient is an obese 56-year-old woman, mother of multiple children, and the wife of a teaman (Sabbab) living in Bani Malik area in Jeddah
Liver cirrhosis A 52-year old eminent lawyer who is also the legal advisor of the largest construction company in the city A 52-year-old retired laborer in the civil service who is a single father of six daughters and two younger sons who are still in school
Addison Disease A 45-year-old woman, well-dressed and wiring expensive jewelry and large heavy golden bracelets A 45-year-old woman, married to a gardener, working in one of the parks in Jeddah with large family
Inflammatory bowel disease A 32-year-old woman living in Al Salamah Locality in Jeddah A 32-year-old housemaid