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Table 5 Career stage and specialty group of participants

From: Examining the association of career stage and medical specialty with personality preferences – a cross-sectional survey of junior doctors and attending physicians from various specialties

Career stage Specialty group No.
Junior doctors   39
PGY1a NAc 32
PGY2 Psychiatry 1
Emergency Medicine 1
PGY3 Nuclear Medicine 1
Laboratory Medicine 1
Family Medicine 2
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 1
Attending Physiciansb   59
  Surgery 14
Obstetrics and Gynecology 4
Emergency Medicine 18
Pediatrics 6
Family Medicine 5
Internal medicine 12
  1. aAbbreviation: PGY1, postgraduate year 1
  2. bQualified specialist, attending hospital in particular specialty
  3. cPGY1 Participants make provisional specialty choices