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Table 3 Mean scores of the survey items

From: Perceptions of intercultural competence and institutional intercultural inclusiveness among first year medical students: a 4-year study

Statement Mean SD
I have a great awareness of cultural diversity 4.14 0.79
I have a good understanding of cross-cultural interpersonal skills 3.78 0.82
I am aware of the role of culture in my chosen field of study 4.39 0.74
I am conscious of the cultural knowledge I use when interacting with people with different cultural backgrounds 4.05 0.75
I am conscious of the cultural knowledge I apply to cross-cultural interactions 3.95 0.77
I am prepared to adjust my cultural knowledge as I interact with people from an unfamiliar culture 4.56 0.69
I enjoy living in cultures that are unfamiliar to me 3.93 1.01
I am confident that I could socialise with locals in an culture that is unfamiliar 3.98 0.88
I am certain that I could deal better with adjusting to a culture that is new to me 3.89 0.89
I am confident with communicating with people from culturally different backgrounds 4.07 0.79
I am able to make social contact with culturally different others 4.19 0.78
I am confident participating in multicultural groups 4.44 0.73
I enjoy interacting with people from different cultures 4.53 0.69
General self-reported intercultural competence (13 Items) 4.20 0.64
My teachers encourage contact between students from different cultural backgrounds 3.91 0.96
My teachers make special efforts to help international students 3.44 1.05
Cultural differences are respected in my university 4.40 0.73
My teachers understand the needs of international students 3.62 0.99
In my class, there are opportunities for student to learn about different cultures 3.79 0.96
My classmates are accepting of cultural differences 4.17 0.79
Students from different cultural groups works well with each other in my classes 4.20 0.82
Institutional intercultural awareness and inclusiveness (7 Items) 3.90 0.78
All items (20 items) 4.07 0.47