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Table 1 Use of electronic communication by psychiatrists and psychiatry residents (N = 195)

From: Impact of experience of psychiatrists and psychiatry residents regarding electronic communication and social networking on internet use patterns: a questionnaire survey for developing e-professionalism in South Korea

Questions-How many have:Almost alwaysRoutinelySometimesRarelyNever
Googled themselves3.6%027.2%44.1%25.1%
Googled patients01.5%5.6%24.6%68.2%
Posted online content about themselves1.0%4.6%19.5%37.4%37.4%
Restricted online personal information40.5%30.3%25.1%3.6%0.5%
Texted patients00.5%8.2%24.6%66.7%
E-mailed patients01.0%4.1%25.6%69.2%