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Table 5 Summary of themes – Perceived effectiveness of curriculum

From: Fostering cultural responsiveness in physiotherapy: curricula survey of Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand physiotherapy programs

Themes Sub themes Examples
Perceptions of effectiveness Ability of program to facilitate understanding and awareness “I think we do … I think our health and wellbeing collaboration is really good at that in terms of exposing our students to a wide range of things, of different groups and trying to get them to really look at healthcare from that person’s perspective …” [P12]
  Effective, although room for improvement “Yes … but I think that we can teach students how to adapt their interventions for people, and that’s where I don’t think we’ve made that link yet. So how have you changed your management approach of what you actually do to get better patient outcomes, better engagement, better retention in people from culturally diverse backgrounds? So, I think that’s what we can do better …” [P15]