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Table 1 Demographics of entry-level physiotherapy programs in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

From: Fostering cultural responsiveness in physiotherapy: curricula survey of Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand physiotherapy programs

Program Type Duration of Programs Postgraduate Programa Number of Program Types in this Studyb
Bachelors 4 years No 14 (88%)
Bachelors/Masters (double degree) 4 or 5 yearsc No 2 (100%)
Graduate Entry Masters 2 years Yes 6 (75%)
Extended Masters 2 or 3 yearsc Yes 2 (67%)
  1. aRequires a bachelor degree qualification in a related health or medical science area to enrol into the program
  2. bPercentages (%) represent the response rate for each type of program offered in Australia and NZ at the time of data collection
  3. cYear variations are due to differences in university course structures. For example, semesters or trimesters