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Table 1 Comparison of the traditional and ICM teaching models. Table 11 is shown in. Additional file 2

From: The relation of dental students’ learning styles to their satisfaction with traditional and inverted classroom models

Implementation Traditional Class ICM Class
Teaching pattern Four sections for 13 weeks:
1. Online course
2. Group discussion (F2F time: 10 mins per week)
3. Presentation (F2F time: 50 mins per week)
4.Teacher-student interaction (F2F time: 40 mins per week)
One section for 13 weeks:
200 min of instruction in a F2F time lecture format per week.
Learning contents Textbook: twelve thematic chapters structured on the basis of organ system-related themes. Online course: twelve thematic blocks structured on the basis of organ system-related themes, each with multiple sub-block including one course outline, one to three less than 15-min in length micro-lesson videos, which cover one or two main points of one sub-block (an example of one sub-block showed in Table 11).
Before F2F time Preview the study materials by students (Textbooks, etc.). Self-study online course by students (Access the online part on personal computer or smartphone.):
1. Watch micro-lesson videos selected from MOOC.
2. Read materials, online homework, one online quiz (Multiple-choice questions and Long and short-answer questions). And participate in a discussion board.
In F2F time Teacher-centered teaching by using the multimedia teaching, 200 mins per week. 1. Group discussion (10 mins per week)
2. Presentation (50 mins per week)
3.Teacher-student interaction through an audience response system software (40 mins per week).
After F2F time Homework and feedback from instructors Review the learning contents and acquire additional resources from discussion board.
Grade Final examination (80%), usual performance (20%). Final examination (70%), online credit (30%).