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Table 3 Mean and standard deviation for respondents rating their experience of video recording and feedback for histology procedures using the 5 point Likert scale where 1 = strongly disagree to 5 = strongly agree

From: Video feedback and e-Learning enhances laboratory skills and engagement in medical laboratory science students

Students rating responses
  Mean Standard Deviation
(1) Student evaluation and Improvement
‘Video’ group only (n = 13)
The video recording allowed me to self-reflect on my histology technique 4.23 1.23
The experience of being recorded is valuable even if feedback from the Instructor is not provided 3.31 1.65
The video recording provided an authentic picture of my histology skills 4.0 1.47
My self-perception of how I completed the activity was different when I watched the video recording 3.53 1.51
After watching the video recording I learnt from my mistakes and felt that I could improve my histology technique 3.77 1.9
(2) Feedback ‘Video’ group only (n = 13)
The video recording allowed me to receive alternative feedback that enhanced my learning 4.15 1.21
It was necessary that I received feedback from the Instructor that accompanied the video recording 3.92 1.44
(3) Peer learning ‘Video’ and ‘control’ groups (n = 19)
My learning would be enhanced if I could watch the recordings of my peers 3.34 1.61
Students should provide feedback to other peers after viewing the recorded video 3.05 1.43
(4) Future use ‘Video’ and ‘control’ groups (n = 19)
I would use the expert and/or my video to study before for the practical exam 3.53 1.71
I would use the expert and/or my video for learning after completing the histology course (e.g. before I attend placement or as a graduate) 3.47 1.68