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Table 5 Themes and quotes about feasibility

From: Development of an e-learning prototype for assessing occupational stress-related disorders: a qualitative study

Theme Sub-theme Examples of relevant quotes
Time Feasibility ‘That’s normal, and, it might take two hours, that’s fine, but not more than two hours, that’s too much.’ (int. 14)
‘But, let me put it like this, the shorter it is, the easier it is for people to do it alongside something else, right.’ (int. 9)
‘No I think a one-hour module, yes most e-learning is like that, that should be do-able (…).’ (int. 15)
Text Quantity ‘When I read this, then I think there I go – then I quit! And I did quit, ‘cause I thought, I’m not going to read all this, just see how much text it is!’ (int. 14)
‘I don’t think it’s too much text, it’s not like you think, god where do I have to read now, no I really thought, like I said, I got stuck into it, yesterday and I thought, it’s really do-able.’ (int. 2)
Comprehensibility ‘Cause for some sentences then I have to think three times, what does it mean, and it’s totally correct. It’s like, you can’t, no-one can, misinterpret it. Totally agree. But it’s so difficult to read.’ (int. 1)
‘Now this is where we give up of course (…) well, not me, WE give up, huh, ‘cause the odds ratio et cetera (...).’ (int. 13)
Structure Guiding the user ‘(…) so you get taken by the hand, really clearly, step by step, through the guideline (…).’ (int. 9)
‘Cause sometimes I felt, while I was reading through it, it was difficult, like, where am I and what should I do.’ (int. 12)
Reward Recertification point ‘Yes, don’t have to do that. Enough points, yes.’ (int. 11)
‘Yes, that’s an added incentive, but not the, not the, yes. No, not the deciding factor.’ (int. 7)
‘I think, I do additional training, additional e-training, it’s only good for one thing. Points.’ (int. 1)
Inviting ‘Yeah, it certainly made me curious this morning (…).’ (int. 4)
‘And then I think like, I want to, know what the, I read it right through to the end, because I think, I want the result. (…) Yes I did it in one go too.’ (int. 6)