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Table 4 Themes and quotes about perceived usefulness

From: Development of an e-learning prototype for assessing occupational stress-related disorders: a qualitative study

Theme Sub-theme Sub-sub-theme Examples of relevant quotes
Diagnosing and preventing occupational diseases Constructing full clinical picture   ‘In that sense I have the urge to explore the whole picture, like, what is the picture, what do I know about the work and what’s not an issue, I think that system is easier to implement, (…).’ (int. 10)
‘(…) and I think the power of e-learning is, to, from the level of the book, from text and lists of questions, to come to a, to that picture. (...) If, yes, that’s what I missed in this (…).’ (int. 1)
Structure contributes to working systematically   ‘No yes, it goes through everything very systematically and (…) that does work in your consideration, so I think it works.’ (int. 7)
‘Its use is that you consider these steps more closely and, uh, this gives it a bit of structure. Uh, that you have a, uh, what do you call it, a decision tree that you can sort of run through.’ (int. 10)
Practicality   ‘To start with that makes me think, uh, (…) now then, it’s not very specific.’ (int. 7)
‘Yes. So it’s always good to have a list of sample questions (…) so you can carry on along those lines.’ (int. 8)
Increasing competences Reconsider own approach ‘Well, it helps me (…) in, yeah, the question, are you doing it good enough, like, like it helps to read it through again and then I think, well, I’m not that far off the mark.’ (int. 4)
‘And, well, I had another chance to think about it (…). An e-learning programme, that helps you do that (…).’ (int. 8)
Gain and test knowledge ‘I think it’s better that you learn for yourself here, to make distinctions and to get it clear for yourself, uh, those are the symptoms, and then you can look at if it’s getting better or worse (…).’ (int. 6)
‘I think that too, too pampering. Yes, I think an occupational physician, (…) he should come up with his own questions, to get to the bottom of things.’ (int. 15)
‘No, but I think it’s good that it includes a case study, so you like, get a chance to practice behind the screen (…).’ (int. 12)