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Table 2 Interview questions and checklist

From: Development of an e-learning prototype for assessing occupational stress-related disorders: a qualitative study

Perceived usefulness
 1. Does this e-learning programme support you in determining OSRDs and in initiating preventative actions? Why?
 2. Do you perceive this e-learning programme as useful? Why?
 1. Is it practically feasible to complete this e-learning programme? Why?
  • Ask about perceived usefulness per step (perhaps elaborate “diagnosing”, “establishing the cause” and “prevention” more thoroughly).
  • Practical applicability
  • Sufficient/missing information
  • Comprehensibility/difficulty of steps
  • Structure
  • Perceived usefulness of cases
  • Extra sources of information needed?
  • Lay-out
  • Time
  • Recertification
  • Previous knowledge
  • Inviting
  • Language