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Table 1 Professional courses offered in third and fourth semesters (total credit hours = 74)a

From: Practice scope and job confidence of two-year trained optometry technicians in Eritrea

Third semester Courses Credit hours Fourth semester courses Credit hours
Ophthalmic Optics I 4 Ophthalmic Optics II 4
Physical and Geometrical Optics 4 Introduction to low vision 3
Dispensing Optics I 3 Dispensing Optics II 4
Ocular Anatomy and Physiology 2 Basic Ocular Disease 2
Physiological Optics 2 Public Health and Community Optometry 2
Clinical Optometry Procedure 4 Clinical Hospital Practice 3b
  1. aOne introduction to optometry course (3 credit hours) is also offered in second semester
  2. b3 clinical credit hours is equivalent to 12 h per week of hospital placement