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Table 1 Module Topics and Learning Objectives for the Public Health Commute, an Online Public Health Curriculum Offered to Clinical Medical Students at Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, New York, 2017

From: Development of an online public health curriculum for medical students: the public health commute



Learning Objectives


Health Systems

• Describe health systems

 • Discuss basics of health economics

 • Define safety-net hospital category


Social Determinants of Health

• Define social determinants

 • Discuss trends in healthcare disparities

 • Relate economic inequality to mediators of health outcomes


Race and Health

• Demonstrate racial health disparities

 • Define implicit bias

 • Discuss race-based medicine and practice


Injury and Violence (pediatrics and surgery rotations)

• Demonstrate rates of gun violence

 • Relate gun violence to public health

 • Discuss self-injury and suicide


Substance Use and Harm Reduction (medicine, primary care, and psychiatry rotations)

• Describe the opioid epidemic

 • Define harm reduction

 • Outline the history of U.S. drug policy


Alternative Health Systems and Current Health Policy

• Describe healthcare in other countries

 • Explain current U.S. health policy