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Table 4 Evaluation of assignment in the reception center

From: Motives, experiences and psychological strain in medical students engaged in refugee care in a reception center– a mixed-methods approach

Medical students’ (n = 62) rating of experiences during refugee work
Item Mean SD
The assignment in PHV was well organized 4.29 1.44
I enjoyed the assignment in PHV 5.94 1.18
The number of students per shift was completely appropriate 5.66 1.17
The range of tasks met my expectations precisely 4.26 1.16
I felt well supervised 4.02 1.37
The experiences I had are important for my future occupation 4.40 1.78
I gained knowledge on the medical level 2.63 1.74
I gained knowledge on the organizational level 5.29 1.19
I gained knowledge on the interactional level 5.06 1.38
  1. Medical students’ evaluation of work in the reception center, assessed by nine statements rated on a 7-point Likert scale ranging from 1 = fully disagree to 7 = fully agree. The results are depicted as mean values (Mean) and standard deviations (SD)